Sorry for the misleading name but you will find some posts that are specifically about walking in London. The rest is the other stuff I get up to.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Brookwood Cemetery

Had a nice lunch with Mum and Dad on Mothers day, and then met the Pages at Brookwood station for a walk in the cemetery.

I still find it awe inspiring in its size, and it was a beutiful day, so we ended taking taking lots of photos.

I don't remember walking through the miiltary section before - we started there on Sunday.

Brookwood Cemetery
I've seen rows of military graves like this in northern France. Here, it was strange to notice that almost every one was from a different regiment.

And finally, Brookwood is the only place in the UK where you can see this:
An American Soldier, Known but to God

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Walking in London - in the snow.

Yes, I know, everyone's banging on about the snow - but you have to admit it was deep - in Surrey at least. Didn't get to work on Monday, no way I was driving in that, and anyway, there were basically no trains.

Monday Snow
That's the only way off the estate.

Between flurries we managed to get out around the lagoons

Monday snow

Monday snow
So that's this years christmas card sorted.

Today things were a little clearer, but I still didn't fancy taking the car, so walked to Redhill station...

snowy footbridge

Which took way too long. And when I got there, it was pretty bleak.

Redhill Station in the snow
I think that'll do for now.
Jimbob out...

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Drinking in London

Ok, so going for a drink after work is not exactly the most unusual event, but this week it was both Thursday and Friday.

Thursday night, The Old Fountain

Thursday, as a nice change, we (that is all four of us directors) all went to the pub together. It was a good night, but probably most notable was that the Fountain now has food in the evenings (to be fair they always did do pizas, but it always seemed a hastle to get Jim to put one on.)

Ah, Evening food, that's new

We ordered the chips. Hmmmm, Chips.


23:10 train from London Bridge, in bed by midnight.

Friday morning, early, cold

Friday Morning, up at 6:45 as usual, feeling a little jaded. Full day, and had a quick chat with PB over a drink at the aquarium - before moving on to the Elbow Rooms on Curtain road to meet the boys.

Friday night, Elbow Rooms.

Pathetic. Justin, you REALLY need to learn to play, mate. Kingfield vrs Westfield has never been great. And to be honest, both Ant and Ed are way better than me.

LESSON: Don't rely on a Blackberry to direct you to a steak house, and never trust a cabby who shouts 'hang on there, I'll turn around and come back for you'. They BOTH Lie. Excellent Curry (Joy) though, and brilliant company.

On the 23:41 train to EC and on the Redhill for about 00:30. Up early Saturday. Ouch.