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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wilko Johnson

I was lucky enough to get a couple of tickets to the Wilko Johnson gig at Koko last Wednesday.
i should probably point out that I'm not a huge fan - I love guitar music and I know Johnson is a hero to many of the players that I consider my heros, so it had to be worth a look.

Also I had the pleasure of going with a colleague who is a real fan, and that always helps to get full enjoyment out of a night I find.

Koko is a great venue - will certainly look out for for anything interesting on there - good bars - but serious prices. Probably best to start in a pub nearby. Which we did - meaning we only saw one of the two support acts. Eight Rounds Rapid. Good tight music from the band and I'll just say that the singer wasn't to my tastes, and leave it at that.

Wilko Johnson. It's odd seeing one of the true greats on stage, who appears to have lost none of his skill; who seems in every way to be happy and heathy, and to know that this will be the only time I will experience it.

Wilko Johnson at Koko

The crowd loved every minute of it, and Alison Moyet joined him on stage for encore and was also great. Brilliant night - lovely to see a man sharing his talent.

Wilko Johnson at Koko with Alison Moyet
And what a talent. I feel genuinely blessed and humbled to have been there.