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Monday, 2 January 2012

That was 2011

Welcome to 2012. There will be no resolutions as such this year, just more of the same, as last year actually worked out reasonably well depite the fact that nothing went quite to plan.

My walking target (well technically Walking, Running, Cycling and Swimming target) of 2,011 miles in 2011 was a bit of a disaster. I did beat my 2010 figures though, so that's good. I think I hit somewhere a little over the 1,500 miles target - I'll let you know when I've added everything up. So what's the target for 2012? 2,012 of course! Although I'll be happy with beating my 2011 figure. I think the key to doing better will be to get some decent cycle rides included.

I accepted my BA Open in 2009 and had hoped to do another OU course to convert it to a full BA Hons Literature, but that didn't happen. I did manage to get myself on a ITIL Foundation course which I passed, so I now actually have a professional qualification. Oh, and I joined the IOD, which is nice.

2011 was also the year that I wrote my first novel. I've tried before as you'll know if you know me, and I've still got the first third of my first attempt kicking around, but this year, for NaNoWriMo I wrote the complete first draft of something new. As targets for 2012 I aim to complete the type-up, re-write and editing of that one and also to complete the first draft of the original one. Oh, and a screen-play.

We've made some really good progress around the house in the last few months, sorting out the library and hobby room. For 2012 we're ripping out the kitchen and remodeling the ground floor a bit.

The new car arrived in March last year, and is perfect in every possible way.

So, thank you 2011, more of the same please 2012.