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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


It's been a little while since I accepted my Open University degree. It doesn't feel like it, but apparently it was 2009. So now I've almost completely forgotten the pain of study, it must be time to do another course.
     If I choose the right course, then that should leave me with a BA (Hons) Literature rather that the non-honours BA Open that I currently have. And according to the online calculator, I just need a bare pass (grade 4) to get an overall 2.1 grade for my degree, or if I manage a Grade 2 pass or above, then I'll get a First.
     I'm sure that this all seems rather unlikely if you knew me at school, particularly if you ever tried to teach me anything - but there you go.
     So, course chosen, EA300 Children's Literature.
Main reason for going for this course is that I've already read half the course material, and I'm worried that some of the other courses might be a bit dry.
     I've fired an email off to the OU to check that I can do what I think I can, and I've pre-registered for the course, starting October 2011.

Update 26/01/11:
     Got a reply - Normally, If you've got a degree you can still use some of the courses to count towards another degree or other qualification - but some courses must be unique to the new qualification, in the specific case of the BA Hons Literature, 120 points, or 2 courses. But because my current degree is specifically a Non-honours Open Degree, then I can do this with only 60 points.
     My original question was 'Can I upgrade my 300 point Open degree to a 360 point Literature degree by doing a single 60 point level 3 course?'
     The answer is No. Because we don't call it upgrading. But if you do the 60 point course (from a choice of 4) then you will then have the qualification you want.
So that's Yes. Hopefully.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The first photo.

Looking through some old photos the other day for an earlier post, I came across this:
John by Jim

I know it's not very artistic, or technically great, but it is significant to me. I believe this is the first photo that I ever took.

The subject is my Dad at Wisley Lake in Surrey, probably about 1976 when I would have been about 6.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Boys. When we were actually boys.

So Justin, you asked if any of us had photos of us as kids... I had a couple, and I borrowed one of Mums albums to get a couple more...

Here, evidence that Kingfield SHOULD be much better at pool than we actually are. This is the bac garden of 59 Selwood Road.
In the photo: Jason Shaw, Justin, Paulino, Andrew Long, Me, Err... No idea who this kid is, My sisters, Nick and Deb, and cropped out of this shot, Situl. Click it to go to my Flickr page where you can see it bigger. For info - this is early 1982.

My big sister Deb's 21st Birthday party in 1st Old Woking Scout hut. October 1985.
In the Photo: Justin, Ant, Me; just out of shot is Glen.
I seem to remeber Justi having a cigar at this party. Tell me again, what did it taste of?

Tessa Ledger and Joanne Page on the way Swanage on a school trip. Not sure of the year, probably 1985.

Justin, on the same holiday.

Me and Eddie, I think in the front room of home, 5 the Moorlands. This is about 1986.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year

So, Christmas is over - been back at work almost 2 days and I've got a cold starting. Smashing.

Here's a picture of our Chritsmas tree (which is now back in the loft) to try to wring out the last of the Christmas cheer.
The Tree

I don't do Resolutions - but I've set myself a task this year, in an effort to keep my weight at a reasonable level. I'm aiming to cover 2,011 miles in 2011, and although this would traditionally be Walk/Run/Swim/Cycle, I dont run or cycle and my favorite pool doesn't reopen until 2012.

So far I'm about 20% down with 5 days gone and 360 to go. Maybe I'll need to fix my bike up later in the year to catch up.

And just for reference, I made a huge effort to walk more in 2010 and managed 1495 miles, so the 2011 challange will be a big one.