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Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Boys. When we were actually boys.

So Justin, you asked if any of us had photos of us as kids... I had a couple, and I borrowed one of Mums albums to get a couple more...

Here, evidence that Kingfield SHOULD be much better at pool than we actually are. This is the bac garden of 59 Selwood Road.
In the photo: Jason Shaw, Justin, Paulino, Andrew Long, Me, Err... No idea who this kid is, My sisters, Nick and Deb, and cropped out of this shot, Situl. Click it to go to my Flickr page where you can see it bigger. For info - this is early 1982.

My big sister Deb's 21st Birthday party in 1st Old Woking Scout hut. October 1985.
In the Photo: Justin, Ant, Me; just out of shot is Glen.
I seem to remeber Justi having a cigar at this party. Tell me again, what did it taste of?

Tessa Ledger and Joanne Page on the way Swanage on a school trip. Not sure of the year, probably 1985.

Justin, on the same holiday.

Me and Eddie, I think in the front room of home, 5 the Moorlands. This is about 1986.

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