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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bridges on the Thames

Ok, so here is the start of a post that is going to turn out to be massive. For now though, its just a list of the bridges across the Thames - I'll be adding photos to each name as I take/find/post them.
This is initially just the bridges, so I've not included ferrys, tunnels, cables cars or the Thames Barrier. It's correct at Spring 2012 and does not include proposed new bridges.

So starting from the estury and working towards the source:

Queen Elizabeth II Bridge 1991

Not a Bridge, but the Thames Barrier. A crossing of sorts I suppose, if its shut!
Thames Barrier

Cutty Sark and the entrance to the Thames Foot tunnel.

Tower Bridge 1894
Tower Bridge from the Tower

London Bridge 1973
London Bridge

Cannon Street Railway Bridge 1982

Southwark Bridge 1921
Southwark Bridge

Millennium Bridge 2000

Blackfriars Railway Bridge 1886

Blackfriars Bridge 1869

Waterloo Bridge 1945

Hungerford Footbridges (Golden Jubilee Bridges 2002)

Charing Cross (Hungerford) Bridge 1864

Westminster Bridge 1862
Westminster Bridge

Lambeth Bridge 1932

Vauxhall Bridge 1906

Grosvenor Bridge (Victoria Railway Bridge) 1859

Chelsea Bridge 1937

Albert Bridge 1873

Battersea Bridge 1890

Battersea Railway Bridge 1863

Wandsworth Bridge 1938

Fulham Railway Bridge and Footbridge 1889

Putney Bridge 1886

Hammersmith Bridge 1887

Barnes Railway Bridge and Footbridge 1849

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