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Thursday, 4 November 2010

On Order

I have ordered this, a few minutes ago:

Volkswagen Scirocco GT 2.0 TSI 210PS 6Spd manual
Sumatra Metallic Paint
Black Merlin Cloth Upholstery
Rear Parking Sensor
Panoramic Sunroof (tilt only)
Electric Folding Door Mirrors
DAB digital radio receiver

I would post a picture here of what its going to look like but my choice of  paint colour has been discountinued, and there are no pictures of the replacement Black Oak Brown yet.
I have found this though - on the German VW website on the Configurator.


Is this an acceptable colour for a Scirocco?
This will be my first new car purchase. The very long and painful wait starts here...

Actually on Order now....

I'm not waiting any longer - my Scirocco is actually on order now, in Reflex Silver. Should look a bit like this...

Reflex Silver

Update 06/01/11:
Incredibly, my dealer (Colbornes of Guildford) still can't give me a build week for my car. Not even a guess. This is not good news as I have no idea when the car will actually be made.

Update 17/01/11:
Call from the dealer a minute ago (well, a call back from a message I left) and my car is still unconfirmed. For the first time he had mentioned a build week - 8, and from what I've read elsewhere I should get the car 3 weeks after the quoted build week. But obviously I can't start counting weeks until its confirmed. I think I'll start a new blog specifically about the Scirocco, my impressions of buying it, and then later, owning it.

New blog specifically about the Scirocco:


Roberto said...


I'm in the same situation, I ordered the Sumatra color initially and got the Black Oak Brown color offered in respect of discontinuance of the Sumatra color.

It all depends on which alternative colors you lean on. I hate the popular light colors (such as white, green, light grey etc), since I personally think those colors would draw attention and is fun in the first year, but after that it would get bored and a pain in the eye afterwards.

Since I prefer dark colours, such as Black, Rising Blue etc the Brownish Black Oak Brown metallic would fit in perfectly. It would look just more classy and even more agressive like a lion lying in the shades.

Colors are just a matter of taste. I took the risk with the BOB color. I like the exclusiveness of both the Roc (in respect to a Golf as an alternative) and the BOB color (in respect to the now overpopular White, Black and Rising Blue).

The actual color should be more Black teinted as the name implies. The color looks a bit too Brownish on the photo, but we can only confirm when we see it in the flesh. I expect mine to be delivered at the end of januari.

You'll be motivated or be warned when you see mine hehehe

Jim Gunnee said...

Hi Roberto,

Good luck with the BOB - I dont think we'll get to see the colour in the flesh until yours turns up, and my car will be order long before then. I agree with all your comments about White, Grey and Green - And Black is just a little too dark - especially with the GT's blacked out back windows... So I'm decided - My Roc will be Silver. Unfortunatly, There are 2 Silvers! Help!