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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Trip to the V&A

So, its time for another Walking in London post.
We've visited the Victoria and Albert Museum a couple of times recently, and I used our second visit to experiment with some shallow depth of field shots.

I can recommend a visit to the Renaissance exhibition - there are some truely spectacular things on show. The selection I give you here are are slightly random...

This is a detail of iron railings, just to get my eye in with the DOF.

A Statue with a rather friendly looking dragon.

This statue is made of wood - lime, according to the V and A's website. Its St. George, originally was part of an altarpiece. Here he's shown after defeating the Dragon which hangs limply from his rather delicate hand.

And here he is again, shown in a relief from Genoa. This one seems an altogether more scary vision of a dragon, and unusually, is almost the same size as the Saint.

A detail of a Knights spurs from a memorial

Another alterpiece, this one showing scenes from Revelation.
I'm guessing this isn't a church that I'd enjoy a sermon from...

And this is the facade of a house, built around 1600 for London merchant Sir Paul Pindar. The house was built on Bishopsgate, outside the city. Like many London houses, it was deeper than it was wide, with stables and a garden extending behind. The house was pulled down in 1890 to make room for the enlargement of Liverpool Street station. There's an old photo of the house before demolition here:
House front - Sir Paul Pindar's House

And this little gem was for me the most surprising of all - it's one of Leonardo Da vinci's notebooks. 
Da Vinci's notebook

But of course for us, this is the most important part of any visit:

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