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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

City of London Guildhall.

Other than a few churches, the only thing we got to look at properly on the Open House London weekend was the Guildhall. I've seen the outside of the building many times, and thought about including a detour to it from my London Wall Walk photo set - as the arc marked out in the forecourt shows the extent of the Roman amphitheatre.
Guildhall, London

What I hadn't realised was the number of halls and the amazing quality of the interiors.
This is a view of the interior of the main hall - that is, the one you see from the courtyard in the view above.
Guildhall Open House 2010

There are some interesting monuments around the hall, including these to Nelson and Wellington:
Guildhall Open House 2010
Guildhall Open House 2010

This is its undercroft
Guildhall Open House 2010

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