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Monday, 27 September 2010

Park Cameras.

So, the Gunnee clan clubbed together last year to buy Mum a digital camera. I volunteered to actually get it, and chose Park Cameras in Burgess Hill. I've always liked them and the new shop looks great.

But you can't really tell what customer service is like till you have a problem, so here is our chance to find out. Mum's camera (a Panasonic TZ6) has developed a fault with the zoom, so I called park to arrange a fix (camera is 11 months old). Brilliant start - I only needed to give my address and they had all the details - just drop the camera in, or send it, and we'll sort it out. It will probably take about 3 weeks.

So Mum takes the camera in, and reports that people in the shop are just as friendly and helpful.

So now the problem:
Only 2 days after Mum took the camera in, it was returned to me, still faulty, in a box with a copy of the original invoice and nothing else. Oops.

I expect its one of those simple human errors - someone has sent it to the customer address instead of the repairers. The guy I spoke to a minute ago was very apologetic and offered to pay the postage to get it back to him, and to rush it to the repairers once he has it.

Anyway - not a huge problem yet, and I'll update you all again once we know more.

So - the final update. As promised the camera was returned after about 3 weeks and it works perfectly.
So well done Park Cameras.

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